Parkerizing/Manganese Phosphate

Worthy Treasures & Firearms

Franke Plating Works Large PartsCompetitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and constant client communication are the foundation of Worthy Treasures & Firearms commitment to your metal plating and metal finishing jobs.

First, we bring over 80 years of experience to your job. Not only are we Fort Wayne’s oldest family-owned plating company, we’re the oldest in the United States, and we have the knowledge it takes to get every job done efficiently. President Warren Franke has the metal engineering expertise to determine the metal and electroplating that will give you the best product.

Our knowledge and experience guarantees you the best product and the best PRICE as well. Shop around and you’ll see just how competitive the pricing is at Franke Plating Works. Our customers come back to Franke Plating Works because they know they can depend on us to keep costs firmly in line.  Read More...